leftover steak sammie

In lunch on July 16, 2009 at 2:32 pm

let’s talk about my favorite kind of cooking, and just the kind I want to focus on here at icf.

this is what in my family is called “cream of ice box,” and it just means we’re going to dive in the fridge with no plan (or maybe a teeny inspiration) and see what we come up with.

i’m going to share, more or less, my train of thought here, since there ain’t no recipe for cream of ice box!

generally we’re aiming for quick, yummy and healthy. here goes! (and i seriously apologize for the lack of pictures. one thousand lashes! i’ll never do it again. promise. sorta… unless i do.)

we’re starting with about a 2-inch by 3-inch piece of leftover steak from last night’s bbq. and there’s a smallish hunk of bread = steak sammie for sure. if only i had some horseradish because NOTHING goes with a steak sammie better than horseradish, but alas and alack.

SO what we need is something similar… something tangy… there’s a small chunk of feta leftover from a salad i made… and a wee bit of tomato…

i chopped up the tomato and added it to some crumbled feta. then a little mayo to make it all stick together and a little super grainy mustard to add some punch. a little pepper (no salt! feta is salty enough already!) and some finely minced onion rounds it out. maybe a few dashes of worcestershire for a little “depth of flavor” (as they say on the FN) and then i spread it on both pieces of wholegrain bread.

thinly sliced steak and a few baby spinach leaves… TA DA! steak sammie to die for.

the moral to this story? mix it up! think about what you ideally want, then figure out what you have and how you can approximate it. or at least approximate the IDEA of it.

now my tummy’s grumbling.


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