In dinner on July 14, 2009 at 7:05 pm

giada – the feelings are mixed, of course, but generally if she can do it, i can do it. so one sunday afternoon (is there a better time for cooking projects? there is? don’t tell me. this one is my favorite) i decided to tackle tortellini.

don’t worry, i’m not insane enough to try making pasta (YET) and the point of this particular tortellini project was using wonton wrapers. i was pleasantly surprised to find them in my local safeway (shocker!), and without  recipe (my usual style, as you will see) i grabbed frozen spinach, ricotta and shallots to make a filling.

so here we go:

first i made the filling. you’ll have to bear with me here – it was garlic, frozen spinach, some ricotta and melted shallots.


then, the filling began. as you see, to get a square, i had to cut off an edge. (hold on to those edges! more to come)


the folding took some skill and i even tried a ravioli (fail)…


…but pretty soon i got the hang of it. just like giada. ta da:


i froze some (they keep for aaaages) and cooked the rest in an asian-inspired broth with yummy veggies.


  1. I absolutely love this — I really wish I had some to try right now!

  2. Oh! You can definitely make pasta! It’s really straightforward – just time consuming…and it of course helps to have a pasta press :)

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